24 April 2014

A Professional Camera That Allows You To Refocus Your Photos After Taking Them

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Silicon Valley startup Lytro, Inc. has recently launched the Lytro Illum, a camera that takes light-field photography up a notch by allowing you to fix the focus of a picture after it has been taken.

Lytro Illum is the second generation of Lytro cameras (the first generation of Lytro was previously featured on our site). This new generation of cameras is considered to be in the DSLR range, targeted at slightly more avid photographers.

Viewing and editing pictures can be done on its 4″ touchscreen. The camera also boasts an 8x optical zoom and allows its users to capture the whole light field.

If you are keen to get your hands on the Lytro Illum, you can pre-order them from Lytro’s website. Estimated shipping date is in July.

Watch how it works:

[via Highsnobiety]