24 April 2014

How Google Glass Can Be Used As A Tool For Wildlife Research: A Short Film

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A new short film for Google Glass has recently been released, and it shows the uses of Google Glass as a functional, research tool—instead of one that’s just for frivolities.

Created by Anomaly New York, this film shot in Nepal features a real-life research officer by the name of Sabita Malla, who works for the World Wildlife Fund.

Through showing how Malla does her daily work of tracking rhinos and tigers in the setting of Nepal, the benefits of Google Glass technology that helps her take photographs and make notes hands-free is emphasised.

This film is part of a Google’s ‘Giving through Glass’ program, which offers five charities the chance to use technology in their work. The WWF is one of them, in addition to Samasource, GiveDirectly, DoSomething! and charity: water.

Watch it below:

[via Creative Review]