24 April 2014

Artist Captures Intimate Photographs Of Her Open Relationship (NSFW)

New York-based artist Keren Moscovitch wanted to explore and document the little talked-about world of open relationships—to do this, she decided to open up her own monogamous relationship.

Capturing the intimate moments of the resulting polyamorous relationships with her camera, she produces images that show the sexual and romantic encounters that took place during the project.

According to the artist, she wanted her work “to show moments and views of the body that most of us experience in our erotic life, but that we aren’t permitted to acknowledge in casual conversation”.

Often featuring close-up shots of body parts, it is difficult to make out the people in these photographs and which persons were in the original romantic relationship—the viewer is required to do some guess work in order to make sense of them.

View more pictures from the “Me Into You” photo series below and on Moscovitch’s website.

[via Beautiful / Decay]