28 April 2014

Idea Axed By The Client? Put It On This Website For Other Creatives To Steal

“Durex Extra Large” by Sandro Velez

London-based freelance creative director Timo Klaarenbeek has recently launched an intriguing website titled “Ideas To Steal Today” that lets advertising creatives upload their rejected ideas—other creatives who have better use for these ideas are then encouraged to “steal” them for their own use.

Inspired by how many creatives have a lot of unused ideas that have been shot down by clients, the creators of the website wanted to “turn two negatives into one positive”—by sharing unwanted but brilliant ideas with their peers, contributors may get a chance to see their brainchild become a reality.

On the other side of the equation, people who are stuck in a creative rut with a deadline looming over them would have a place to turn to when trying to crack their briefs.

Head over ideastosteal.today to see if there are any ideas you would like to steal—what do you think of this concept?

“Hidden Books” by Timo Klaarenbeek

“Tuc Life” by Leo van Oss

“Twitter Play” by Timo Klaarenbeek

“Wake Up Light TV App” by Timo Klaarenbeek and Kalle Everland

[via IdeasToSteal.Today]