29 April 2014

For Lucky Birds: The Very Charming ‘Tiny Grand Budapest Hotel’

Director Wes Anderson’s long-awaited The Grand Budapest Hotel opened in Vilnius, Lithuania just as spring is arriving, which inspired the team at creative marketing and communications agency CLINIC 212 to conceive of “The Tiny Grand Budapest Hotel” project.

This awesome “three-room boutique hotel for birds” took the animal-loving team a couple of late nights at the office to construct and is essentially a scaled down version of the building as shown in the film—to promote the project, there is even a movie poster featuring this inspired birdhouse in place of the original hotel.

The Tiny Grand Budapest Hotel can be found at this location, where it is awaiting its firsts winged guests.

View more images of this charming property below—or check out CLINIC 212’s portfolio on its website.

[via CLINIC 212]