24 April 2014

Adorable Tea Packaging That Looks Like Bite-Sized Chinese Delicacies

Based in Toronto, student Lily Kao has come up with an adorable tea packaging that looks like bite-sized Chinese delicacies and alludes to her roots.

Each teabag is packaged to look like a type of delicacy called “Siu Mai”, and is one of the foods—or “Dim Sum”—that Chinese people eat while they drink tea.

This practice is known as “Yum Cha” and originated in Guangzhou, China—early tea houses were for weary travelers and workers who needed a snack.

These “delicacies” contain Oolong and Pu-Erh tea, while the “dumplings” contain dark melon seeds and roasted peanuts.

The packaging is also reusable and doubles as a recipe for Siu Mai, bookmarks and coasters—the bamboo steam baskets can also be used to steam these bite-sized snacks.

View this creative project below—isn’t this a clever way of showcasing Chinese food culture?

[via Creative Roots]