30 April 2014

Beautiful Hand-Drawn Words Creatively Arranged Into Striking Images

“Keep Calm and Merry Christmas. Happy New Year”

Based in Rome, Italy, graphic designer and hand-letterer Daniele Tozzi specializes in hand-drawn calligrams, which are visual images made up of strategically arranged words that make up a phrases, poems and other kinds of writing.

Skilfully and creatively molding words into distinct and related shapes, Tozzi has an impressive portfolio of striking pieces that have been used for advertising and other purposes.

For instance, he has created two calligrams that are in the shapes of a schnauzer and a poodle respectively, for a pet grooming business—each calligram includes details about the kind of services provided by the shop, such as “shampoo” and “trimming”.

View more of the designer’s calligrams on his website.

“We All Gotta Have Hop”

“Creativity Is Bread for The Mind”

Promotional poster for "The Freakshow 2014" carnival party

“Something we'll never understand its a hidden law”

“Make Wine Not War”

“Grab the Future Everyday. Own Your Life.”

Calligram signage for pet shop

[via Daniele Tozzi]