29 April 2014

The ‘World’s Most Expensive’ Restaurant Charges US$2,000 For A Meal

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The world’s “most expensive” restaurant will be opening in Ibiza, Spain. It will make its debut at the Hard Rock Hotel in Playa d’en Bossa, with diners being treated to a 20-course “gastro-sensory meal” for US$2,000.

Named SubliMotion, the walls of the restaurant are a flamboyant virtual light show, and moving pictures are projected on the table tops. This interactive decoration also changes when a diner starts on a new dish.

The menu has yet to be revealed, with the head chef Paco Roncero describing it as “an experience for all the senses” that will encompass a “complete and unprecedented emotional experience”.

Michelin-starred chef Roncero has been working with his team of chefs to develop the ambiance and the menu of the restaurant, which is supposed to complement each other—he has traveled all over the world for inspiration and is “very proud” of the research that has gone into his work.

If you would like to know more about SubliMotion, watch the video below.

[via Business Insider and Oddity Central. Screenshots via Oddity Central.]